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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Who can use Keedgo?

Any youth activity business or class and parents. The examples of youth activities include afterschools, camps, recreational and competitive sports, crafts, music bands, private lessons.

Q: Why Keedgo?

Keedgo has everything in one place: event details, announcements, updates, group member information. Parents turn to this information every day and currently have to search across disconnected sources: past emails, contacts, text messages, voicemails, websites, paperwork or recollections of verbal interactions. Businesses and parents alike waste time, make mistakes and miss out on new opportunities to keep kids busy. Keedgo has all accurate and up-to-date information at one’s fingertips, in one app on mobile devices.

Q: How do I join Keedgo?

Keedgo is built around groups. A businesses or an activity admin signs up for the app, creates a class or a group and adds members – kids – by inviting their parents. Staff members are also added to the group.

Q: What information does Keedgo gather?

Parent information (name, phone number, email) and child information (photo, name, special notes that the staff may find useful). All child information is provided by parents. We do not share any information with third parties.

Q. How is Privacy managed?

The Keedgo app was designed exclusively for efficient communication between youth activities and parents. Keedgo requests that parents provide minimal information to enable this better communication. The information collected by Keedgo is never shared with any third parties and is stored on secure servers. The Privacy Settings in the Options menu of the app give parents and staff members complete control on which contact details they wish to share within their private group.

Q: How does scheduling work?

Businesses schedule their events or classes and parents can reserve their attendance. Changes to events are pushed to mobile devices.

Q: How does sign-in and sign-out work?

Any event can be set up with this feature so that parents or authorized staff members can sign-in and sign-out the kids. Family members get notified of these actions and can track their child’s activity.

Q: What else?

Keedgo has many other features that help organize kids’ activities better, such as:

  • Announcements, changes, reminders, documents with corresponding push notifications
  • Businesses can run their operations more efficiently by posting all internal notes and reminders, general or child specific, in Staff Notes
  • We have a lot of other cool features in the works. Join Keedgo now!

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