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Modernize the way you manage your program

By moving all of your interactions with parents and staff to one app, Keedgo eliminates the inefficiencies of emails, phone calls, spreadsheets and paperwork

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Running a youth organization requires a lot of communication and coordination. Keedgo streamlines and automates many of your daily tasks so that you concentrate on growing your program, while providing superior customer service.

Parents and Students

Keeping track with afterschool activities can be overwhelming. It’s easy to miss the important updates from the activity instructors. With Keedgo you will always stay closely connected with your afterschool program.


Working with a group of kids is a rewarding experience but the admin tasks add unnecessary distractions. With Keedgo you can access roster, track attendance or communicate with parents in the most convenient way possible. ​

All-in-one tool

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Roster management

Student, parent and staff information accessible in one place

Tear-off calendar


Event details in one place. Updates instantly communicated.

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Attendance and sign-in/sign-out

Reserve and track attendance. Easy and secure sign-in and sign-out


Connect instantly: call, send messages, make announcements, share photos, post internal staff notes

Who we serve

Afterschool and Youth Programs

  • Independent program providers and tutors
  • Afterschool franchisers and franchisees
  • Schools and school districts
  • Non-profit and mission based organizations

Activities and Classes

  • Art, music and crafts
  • Academic and science
  • Sport and fitness
  • Social and leisure

Afterschools love Keedgo

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