Keedgo is a mobile app developed exclusively for afterschool and youth programs to manage all interactions with parents and staff. By using Keedgo you save time, reduce paperwork, improve customer service and expand opportunities to organize kids’ classes and activities. Keedgo’s features include roster management, communication, photo and document sharing, attendance tracking, sign-in and out and reporting.

Our Founders

Alexei Sorokin and Norayr Minassian
As a father of four and owner of an afterschool business in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alexei realized that managing afterschool activities is too painful, too often, for everyone involved. Missed communications were frustrating, spreadsheets and printouts were too time consuming. To develop the solution, Alexei partnered with Norayr, an experienced software executive, who helped turn the idea into a cutting edge product. Alexei holds an MBA from Harvard Business school and Norayr holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.
Now Keedgo’s team is spread across the US and Europe. We are passionate about Keedgo’s mission to make life easier for afterschool programs throughout the world. It’s also easy for us to know what parents expect from our solution, because many of us are busy parents ourselves and we know first hand that coordinating our kids’ activities can be overwhelming.

Our Mission

Modernizing and improving the experience of managing afterschool activities through the use of technology and adoption of best practices.

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