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Explore our unique features to manage activities and communication at your afterschool program

Keedgo app Roster page on the phone screen

Roster Management

Organize all your afterschool activities into groups (classes, teams, etc.) customized for your program. Build stronger student connections by populating roster with profile information, student photos, special conditions, staff notes, and custom attributes that are required to meet your needs. Message parents directly from the roster via phone, email or Keedgo messenger for direct communication without taking away from time spent with your students. Keep an accurate record of all parent/staff communications to facilitate program improvements and staff training.

  • Member profiles - photo, contact details, emergency contact info, authorized pick ups, special conditions, and internal (staff) notes
  • Custom attributes - allow you to organize your groups into different subgroups to manage all scheduling and communications by subgroups
  • Roster importing - lets you create the roster instantly from your existing data sources
  • Custom labels - for example, “kids”, “athletes”, “musicians”
  • Privacy settings - roster info can be shared with parents or hidden. Parents have full control on what info they'd like to share
  • Parent users - can manage their own data and see all your group communication in one place
  • Student users - older students can manage their own communication and scheduling
  • Staff users - can be given different permissions rights from full admin to read-only access

Scheduling, Attendance and

With Keedgo’s comprehensive scheduling features, parents will always stay-up-to-date with every class, event, or activity. Student attendance and sign-out data for each activity is recorded in the app for comprehensive reporting, eliminating the need for paperwork and manual data entry into spreadsheets. Parents can be notified of student sign-in and sign-out via mobile notifications for improved security and parent engagement.
  • Activity scheduling - comprehensive one-time and recurring activity management.  All activity changes are communicated instantly to parents and staff by mobile notifications and/or email
  • Reservations - reservation timing and capacity management. Reservations can be done by parents or staff; last minute changes in reservations communicated instantly via mobile notifications
  • Attendance tracking - track student attendance 
  • Sign-in and sign-out - apply the sign out option that best suits your requirements. Can be done by either parents or staff - with or without a shared tablet. Digital signatures collected, as well as detailed stamps and custom notes. The most secure sign-out option uses unique pin numbers and location-based permissions. 
  • Staff management - manage staff assignments and track staff sign-in and sign-out
  • Reporting - generate comprehensive reports on attendance, sign-in, and sign-out data for any data range via CSV export
Keedgo app Event page on the phone screen
Keedgo app Messenger page on the phone screen


Keep parents informed about program details and special events via announcements and document sharing. Engage them with photo sharing. As with Keedgo’s other features, everything is done within a private and secure environment of a specific group. You can also urgently contact parents via email, text, and phone about emergency situations or changes to the afterschool program. Parents can message staff directly with questions to minimize unnecessary communications with other parents.
  • Messaging - keep all your interactions in one place with in app messaging to instantly connect and exchange messages with your staff and members. Parents can message all staff members or individual instructors. Predefined messages in each context within the app gives staff and parents the ability to send short or routine messages instantly. 
  • Photo sharing - photos can be shared with the whole group or with individual members
  • Announcements - with instant mobile, SMS and/or email notifications
  • Document sharing - supports most common formats
  • Multiple communication options - choose to send email, SMS or mobile notifications for all updates in events, announcements, and documents. Email important notifications to members who are not logged in to the app.
  • Scheduled announcements and documents - prepare it now and let Keedgo send it when you want

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